Brief Guide for Employment, Travel and Housing Laws for ESAs - 2021 Guide

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Emotional support animals cure mental illnesses like depression, anxiety or stress and are considered as a comparatively better prescription than certain medication. In the past, people used to keep service animals but now with increasing awareness, they are adopting emotional support animals too. These days, medical health professionals are encouraging patients to adopt emotional support animals. Some medicines cost too much and also have side effects. On the other hand of the ESA letter, the emotional support animals cost less, have more benefits and best of all, have no side effects.

As many people are now adopting emotional support animals, there is a need that they learn the related laws too. So for those who just adopted an emotional support animal or wish to do so, we are providing a brief guide on the ESA laws related to employment, travel, and housing.

Employment Laws

Most of the offices do not allow employees to bring emotional support to the workplace. The rules differ from state to state. Some states like California, have laws which require the employers to accommodate the ESA owners, yet many states do not. It is the responsibility of the ESA owner to keep their animal under control. The ESA must not hurt anyone, make loud noises or cause a disturbance to anyone in the office. If your office allows, and you wish to take your emotional support animal to the office, you must train the emotional support animal to stay calm. Even if the office allows, it is mandatory to keep the ESA letter from your doctor with you all the time. In offices, where the emotional support animal is not allowed, it is better to comply with the laws. 

Travel Laws

A plus for all ESA owners is that they can fly with their little companions. In the United States, The Air Carrier Access Act allows owners to bring their ESA on the plane. But you have to present them with an emotional support animal letter. You can ask your doctor to issue this letter with the required information for verification. You can view the free emotional support dog letter samples available online for a better idea. Some of the airlines require the ESA owners to inform 48 hours before that flight. The airlines do not restrict the ESAs but for this, it is important that you ensure that the ESA does not cause any disturbance. 

Housing Laws

Many housing societies do not allow the pets but with the Fair Housing Amendment Act, the ESA owners can keep the emotional support animal with them. What you require is to show them the emotional support animal letter issued by a certified health professional. The landlord or housing society cannot deny the right of the ESA owner or ask for any additional fee. Fair Housing Amendment Act has specified the type of housing that include houses for rent or sale. These housing buildings can be an apartment, building with less than four units(while the landlord does not reside in one of them), condos, houses under the authority of the private clubs and corporations (with lesser number of residents). These emotional support animals are not allowed in the hotels and motels or public areas where food is served or sold. The emotional support animals should be trained only simple commands like sit or stay. 

Now hopefully, you have a general idea about the laws related to the ESA. As we stated before, these laws vary in each state. So make sure you learn about the laws of your state and comply with them. In case, you fail to follow the rule, you might be fined for the action.